The Cloud ERP System

Cloud based ERP solution was specially designed & developed for SMEs to handle financial accounting,
HR and payroll needs and keep their business GST compliant.

Following are the major distinct modules to address different operational needs:


Advance Accounting System:

Wrkplan is the result of many years of experience of advance accounting knowledge, regulations, and various contract management requirements. It offers user access control management based on rights and access privileges in different modules, dashboards, and data. Its built-in reports are very helpful for managing day to day operations

Wrkplan automates a balanced workflow in an organization which allows seamless handling of the project invoicing, contract management and Reporting.

  • Biometric attendance System: Employee time sheet recording, approvals and project cost tracking and invoicing all can be accomplished thru the cloud ERP
  • Multi Branching Accounting: The advance ERP allows to track full Income, expense tracking at multiple branch level and rolling up to corporate level. ERP also allows separately tracking overhead & G&A rates for the company.
  • Dashboards and MIS’s - Intuitive dashboards allows instant view of any preferred Reports & company's performance. The extensive built-in reports help to monitor sales & optimise purchases & inventory control.


Manufacturing with Warehouse Management:

The manufacturing module in Wrkplan simplifies the entire production cycle with facilities like work order generation, production requisition, material issue and quality control and waste management.

  • It helps to Meet growing customer expectations and bring products to market quickly using affordable, easy-to-use & all-in-one ERP software for manufacturing
  • Warehouse Mgmt. & Inventory control